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You deserve something special. No other fashion garment expresses oneís personality than the bikini. You inner true self or flair for life is expressed through your choice of swimwear. As personal as your deepest secrets, your beach fashions immediate displays your comfort level when it comes to exposure, your choice of color or print immediately leaves a lasting impression for onlookers. Donít miss this opportunity to express your true inner self. Visit Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion Today and find the perfect bikini swimsuit to show off your carefree flair for life.



 Moderate Coverage Bikinis

Moderate Coverage Bikini Swimwear

Moderate coverage bikinis come in a wide range of styles and colors. These swimsuits provide modest coverage. Full coverage bikinis come in an array of styles for example the high waist bikini. This bikini provides extra support for the tummy area and provides full coverage for the buttocks. Similar to the high waist bikini, banded bikinis provide another option for control with style. Full coverage bikinis provide an excellent way to show off your sexuality yet give you confidence and support. Some full coverage bikinis come with high thigh openings. These bikini bottoms provide an elongating effect for the torso yet still offer the full coverage and control that you would expect from a moderate coverage bikini.

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Full Coverage Bikinis

Full Coverage Bikinis Swimwear Swimsuits Full Coverage
Full coverage bikinis offer complete confidence, support and comfort. Not only are the full styles sexy, but they offer a unique feeling of freedom and self-confidence. A bikini style that offers full coverage is perfect for entertaining friends and family around the pool or cottage. Designed from the highest quality fabrics, these bikinis offer full coverage with the assurance that the backside will not ride up or become uncomfortable. Another advantage of the full coverage bikini is that it offers a contouring slimming effect typically not found in other swimsuit designs. 
While offering full coverage these modest swimsuits offer an advanced shaping effect commonly nicknamed minimizer bikinis or body shapers.

Underwire Bikinis

Polka Dot Underwire BikinisUnderwire bikini tops give your bust an uplifting push up effect. These bikinis deepen your cleavage line while sculpting and smoothing.  These comfortable supporting tops have become extremely popular in the last few years. Coming in many styles including, halter, balconet, halter and triangle styles. Padding is also an option for your underwire bikini however usually it is not necessary as the added support is all that is needed to give you that perfect look.
Underwire swimsuits come in a wide range of colors, patterns and sizes, choose from D, DD or DDD. T
Underwired BikinisTreat yourself to a luxurious underwire bathing suit just from women.  You will never look back, once you have felt the uplifting and supportive comfort and seen the sculpted controlled appearance of your bust.
Our plus size underwire bikinis have the added benefit of extra control where it is needed. With a plus size underwire swimsuit top, there is no need to worry about potential swimwear top failure.  These bathing suits for large busts will keep everything firmly in place.  Select your magnificent underwired bikini swimsuit today.


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Tankinis Two Piece Swimsuits

Tankini Swimsuits in a wide range of colors and stylesTankini swimwear offers the modest coverage of a one piece swimsuit with the convenience and sensuous appearance of the bikini. The two piece tankini swimsuits come in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes.  Ranging from size 6 to 16 or XS to LL.  Some of our stunning Tankinis are fitted with uplifting bars or underwire support. Choose from halter neck, underwire, plunge or sheer.  
Wearing a tankini swimsuit gives you freedom, comfort and confidence. Wear it in one of three configurations. Halter, tank or criss cross straps.


Crochet Bikinis

Crochet Bikinis Two Piece Crochet SwimsuitsCrochet bikinis are body contouring; the crochet material is hand woven, stretchy and long lasting. Mix and match our superior crochet two piece swimsuits. Lined with soft cotton, these two piece crochet swimsuits are light weight yet durable. Typically coming in string designs, we also carry a full coverage series of crochet swimsuit. Hand crafted our crochet swimsuits are absolutely stunning.

Originating in the French Riviera, then spreading through beaches in Brazil, these magnificent swimsuits are nothing short of hot.


Metallic Bathing Suits

Metallic Bikinis Very sexy and gets a  lot of attentionMetallic bikinis are always in style. Flashy sparkling metallic fabric glistening in the sun.  Coming in a wide range of colors, red, gold, silver, blue and pink. Choose from a two piece metallic full coverage bikini to a skimpy string metallic swimsuit. In any case your new metallic bikini swimsuit is bound to make a statement

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Push Up Bikinis

Push Up Bikini Swimsuits added support and comfort bust enhancingTypically designed for women with a smaller bust, the push up two piece bikini offers a fuller bust, deeper cleavage line, Optional padding can add that fuller look to your push up swimsuit. Choosing either moulded cups or a full padded top will accentuate your cleavage.
Push up swimsuits are also available for larger breasts where a contouring smoothing effect is desired. Most of the push up bikini tops for larger busts use an underwired design.


Twist Bikini Bandeau Bikini offers the freedom of no tan linesBandeau Swimsuits are so vogue, so chic. With so many options available today for bandeau bikini tops for example, optional halter clips, padding, underwire, and support straps. Simply having s a string bikini top and a matching bandeau bikini top, you can give the same bikini bottom a complete different look plus eliminate tan lines at the same time. With the added benefit of no tan lines, the bandeau bathing suit has evolved into many different styles including twist bandeau bikinis, underwire. With the added support now available, most women can wear a bandeau swimsuit.
A simple bandeau bikini can step up your fashion game at the beach with prints, solids, patterns.
The bandeau slider top ties in back and slides in the center for a perfect fit. Optional tie at the neck allows you more support but, can be removed for a strapless, no tan-line look. A bandeau swimsuit with ruffles will offer a fuller appearance. Strapless twist bandeau top will hug you tight and accentuate your bust line.


monokini bikini swimsuits so hotThe original monokini was designed in 1864. Basically a monokini is a one piece cut out swimsuit. Available in many styles, get a boost with an underwire or support top, choose from full coverage or minimal coverage bottoms. Also available is the halter top monokini, triangle and Brazilian cut. Monokinis are especially sexy on a woman with a well-defined hourglass figure, meaning hips and bust. The monokini will accentuate your beautiful feminine figure.

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Halter Bikinis

Halter Top Bikini Swimwear- Stunning Halter Bathing SuitsHalter top bikinis are excellent for all feminine figures but are particularly suited for women with larger breasts or bust line. By nature the halter top bathing suit offers a great deal of support because of the wider straps. For the most part halter swimsuits tie at the back and behind the neck giving a comfortable well balance fit. Because of the scooping effect of the halter bathing suit, it offers a great deal of confidence yet is adjustable for coverage comfort level. Halter tops come detailed with bows, center rings, and designer hardware. Choose from prints, solids patterns and sheer.


Enhancer Bikini Tops

bikini enhancment tops breast enhancing bikinis

Bust enhancing bikinis are the rage on the beach today. Sculpting, contouring and smoothing enhancement tops give a decisive perfect silhouette for your bust. In some cases padding is used to add depth and fullness to the bust. Plunging neck lines create a rounded effect. For the most part enhancer bikini tops are adjustable at the back, sides and front which give you full control of your exposure. Get that magnificent bust line with one of our enhancement bikini tops with full support and control.

String Bikinis

string swimsuits string bikinis the most popular bikiniThe string bikini is the most popular bikini on the beach today. The term string bikini covers all string designs from the full coverage string bikini, moderate or modest coverage to the tiny g-sting and thong bikinis. The string bikini top basically consist of two triangle piece of fabric tied together in the front with a string and back tied with another string thus the name string bikini. The bottom again is basically a triangle front and back joined together at the side with ties strings. The one advantage to the string bikini is that it is fully adjustable from all sides giving you the freedom to custom fit your bikini at any given time.


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