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How To Wear A Thong Bikini

Thong Bikini Swimwear Thongs

How To Wear A Thong Bikini - How To Size A Thong Bikini Thong - Bikini Care

How To Wear A Thong

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  • When trying on a thong bikini for the first time, wear it for an hour or so then take it off, the next day, wear it for a couple of hours or more if you are comfortable.

  • Open to expose the interior with leg holes open, and lay it on your floor, with the bum strap pointing towards you (as it would go on your body)

  • Step into the leg openings and pull your new thong bikini up

  • Adjust the front side until it is at a comfortable height and pull up the backside until the bum strap lays flat against your backside.

  • The tricky part is to get used to the fact that part of the underwear will be wedged between your cheeks. It should not feel tight and cutting, but lay smoothly

  • After a couple of outings, you will become so comfortable with your thong bikini that no other style of bikini will do


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Thong Styles and Fashion

How To Wear a Thong Bikini How To Wear A T-Back Thong T Back Thongs

    G-string Thong,: This thong is also called the T back thong. It consists of simply a string made of elastic. It covers the pubic area, passing between the buttocks, attached around the hips of the wearer, worn as swimwear by women. The two terms G-string and thong are used interchangeably.    

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Rio Thong Rio Thongs Tanga Tonga Buy Thongs How To Wear A Thong

Tonga or Rio Thong: This thong is also called the beginner or starter thong. If you are a beginner and have no idea what type of thong you should be wearing, you then need to try the Rio thong. This thong resembles a high cut bikini and makes a nice middle garment for your body.

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Tanga Thong How To Wear A Tanga Thong

Tanga Thong: The thong is very similar to the G-string. The front part is covered, at the back; the material is a higher cut, bending up a few inches above the buttocks.

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Cheeky Thongs Buy Cheeky Thongs Partial Coverage Thongs

Cheeky Thong: This is a more conservative style of thong that covers a little more of the body. The thong exposes the bottom part of the butt but covers the upper portion. 

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Fitting Your Thong - Thong Size  

Thong Sizing Sizing Your Thong Bikini

Purchasing the correct size thong, is essential to the experience, since a minimal amount of fabric is used to make one generally means they don't quite fit the same as a normal pair of underwear

You can assume that the thong that will fit you right will generally be the same size as the standard size of underwear that you normally wear. Underwear usually comes in standard sizes (small, medium, large) and thong bikinis are no different. In some cases thong bikini wearers report that the thong that fits most comfortably is a size larger than their normal underwear.

How To Wear A Thong Thong Sizing

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Thong Care

Brazilian Thong Bikinis Thong Care

People think that thongs and bikinis are made of steel, which for such a small suit is a lot to ask. That said, if you care for your bikini, it can last for quite a long time if it's made with good material.

Obviously hand washing and hang drying your suit is optimal, but we know that people don't do that. If you can, wash it in cold water in the washing machine and hang dry. The color will hold as will the fabric. Putting your bikini in the dryer is a total no-no.

Ocean water is better for suits than pools. Chlorine breaks down the integrity of the suit, but we know that not everyone swims in the ocean. 

Brazilian Thong Bikini

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Why has the introduction of the thong been so controversial yet popular? Ask any women that wears a thong bikini and she will tell you that it is empowering. Every woman that wears a thong at the poolside or beach will tell you that she instantly feels special.

When a woman wears a thong bikini, she instantly feels empowered; she is the center of attention. Wearing a thong bikini conveys a clear message that she is independent and in control of her individualism.

Finally and most important, the thong bikini is by far the most beautiful and graceful of all swimsuit designs. Nothing accents a women’s delicate, sensual physique more than a quality and properly fitted thong  and all women should include at least one thong bikini in their fashion arsenal.  

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How To Wear A Thong Bikini - How To Size A Thong Bikini Thong - Bikini Care

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How To Wear A Thong Bikini

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