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Thong bikinis or sometimes called G Strings are the original primal bikini closely related to the loin cloth. The thong bikini has become enormously popular in the last ten years.  With its relatively wide acceptance around the world, thong bikinis have graced the most famous beaches and resorts.  Once thought of as taboo, thong swimsuits are now considered classy and stylish and should be part of all women’s swimwear wardrobes.

The thong bikini is the one swimsuit that can elongate the torso simply by raising the straps or string higher on the hips or accent the hip and buttock region by lowering the straps or strings. Browse our wide selection of Thong Bikinis.

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Our stunning collection of thong bikinis are hand made from the finest fabrics with smooth double seams.  Thong bikinis typically have minimal rear coverage and give a cheeky appearance under the T back. The close cousin of the Thong bikini is the G String Swimsuit which offers no rear coverage but is simply a single string or strap.

Our thong bikinis come in size XS to 2X. Discover our latest thong bikini collection, shop by style, color and size. Choose from low rise thong bikinis, tie side thong bikini swimwear, banded thong bikini swimsuits, high rise thong bikini bathing suits, high thigh thong bikinis and G Strings.

The one thing thong bikinis offer is power and freedom of movement. The classic thong bikini or g string swimsuit comes in two standard variations, the T back and the V String. All other thong bikini variations stem from these two styles. Keep in mind the thong bikini is for everyone, we carry thongs in plus sizes also.

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Standard Thong Swimsuits, Never ending style Thong Swimwear with banded waist One Piece Thong Bikini in Sheer White, Black or Metallic Blue Thong Swimsuits Sexy and unforgettable Ruffled thong bikinis with a banded waist Thong Swimwear also in plus size Bow tie thong bikinis a special swimsuit for the daring



Thong Bikini Sizing Chart
Tropical Beach Swimwear Thong Sizes XS/P S M L LL 1X 2X 3X
Bust 31/33 33/34 34/36 36/38 38/40 40/42 42/44 44+
Waist 23/23 24/25 25/27 27/29 29/31 31/33 33/35 35/37
Hips 31/33 33/35 35/37 37/39 39/41 41/43 43/46 46/49



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