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Every Woman Should Experience The Power of The Thong Bikini

The power of the thong bikini

The Thong Bikini, The one piece of clothing that should be in every woman’s Summer Fashion arsenal.


No one piece of clothing comes close to matching the power that the thong bikini gives when worn on a beach.  Its simple design graces the delicate yet beautiful physique of all women.  The thong bikini has the ability to slenderize or accent any part of a woman’s body.

Simply raising the side straps over the hips gives a slimming affect and elongates the torso, lowering the side straps gives a wider effect and accentuates a woman’s hips and bosom.

The thong bikinis power and recent popularity is directly related to its primal roots, the loin cloth, the thong bikinis distant parent has long been admired by men and women from around the world. The thong bikini is the grass roots of all bikini designs today.

Every Woman Should Experience The Power of The Thong Bikini

Comfort, well comfort comes in many forms, the first time a women wears a thong bikini, it may feel slightly awkward for two reasons. Typically women are used to the confinements of a full coverage bikini where as a thong bikini gives full range freedom of movement with absolutely no restrictions.  Secondly the fine strap that falls between the buttocks can feel unusual. Typically after a woman has worn a thong bikini for a short period of time, the full bikini bottom will feel uncomfortable and restrictive.

Now back to the basic question, why has the thong bikini been so controversial over the years yet become so popular around the world.

  • The thong bikini gives a woman the freedom of movement

  • Thong bikinis scream out that a women is independent

  • Thong bikinis give the appearance of power and control

  • There is no other fashion item in the world that accents a woman’s body more than the thong bikini

  • Most women who have worn a thong bikini will tell you that they instantly feel empowered, special and incredibly sexy.

To experience the true power of the thong bikini simply sit on a beach and from a distance watch a women strolling down the surfside in a thong bikini. It is one of the most beautiful sites you will ever see.  It a spectacular, graceful display of beauty that will remain with you for years to come.  Only then will you understand and appreciate the intriguing power of the thong bikini.




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