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About Thong Bikinis

Everything You Want To Know About Thong Bikinis But Were Afraid To Ask

History of the Thong Bikini

Most people believe that the thong bikini evolved from the traditional bikini that hit Thong Bikini Historybeaches throughout the world by storm in 1946 named after the Island Bikini Atoll where testing of the first atomic bomb was takingThong Bikini Evolution place however this is not necessarily true.

The thong bikini can be seen throughout history as far back as 70,000 years ago plus.

The earliest type of thong bikini was the loincloth which is believed to be one of the initial forms of human clothing. It is believed that the thong or loincloth was created to protect the genitals of both sexes from harm.


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Grecian Goddess Mythology Thong BikiniMany tribal communities found worldwide from Africa to Japan and not to forget about the Roman Empire days and Greece the thong bikini had its place in history.

Time after time throughout historical times we see the thong bikini. It represents the feminine side of women yet in many cases it depicts power and superiority.

It is interesting to think that a fashion garment that has been around the world for centuries has caused such a stir over the past 20 years.

In the 1980ís the thong bikini re-emerged as a somewhat suitableThong Bikinis-1986 thong Bikinis 1980swimsuit for the beach. During the 1990ís thong bikinis continued their journey as a fashion garment for the beach in Western society. Television shows for example Baywatch regularly had women showing their wears on the beach in these teeny tiny swimsuits.

From mid to late 1990ís the thong was gaining traction and was becoming more popular in the United States as both an underwear garment and a swimsuit.

1990 Thong BikiniBy the late 1990ís and early in the millennium, the thong bikini was widely accepted with very little controversy to the point that it is now an everyday occurrence on beaches internationally with the exception of some limited countries.

Evolution of the Thong Bikini

When the thong bikini emerged on the fashion scene in the 1980ís there were two basic styles.


  1. The Brazilian Thong Bikini

  2. One Piece Thong Bikini


Brazilian Thong Bikini

Brazilian Thong Bikinis were the first style that emerged early on in the 1980ís. It has much higher hip straps than is traditionally seen now and the front of the bikini still had the standard Brazilian styling while the back had the open back or thong design.

One Piece Thong Bikini

One Piece Thong Swimming SuitThe one piece thong bikini was in essence a one piece swimsuit with high cut thighs and open thong back. These one piece styles were considered high fashion and were viewed as being in the exotic swimwear category during this time period and have continued in popularity to present day.

As the evolution continued into the 1990ís, the thong bikini started to take a new direction. The typical ultra high thigh thong was slowly lowering its waist straps and migrating to a more Colombian appearance. In addition the scoop front was gaining traction in all bikini styles at this time.

Just a note, on June 22 1990, the state of Florida banned thong bikinis on their beaches, many people protested only to find out that this ban only affected state parks where typically families and children gathered and this only constituted about 4.5 of all public beach front property in Florida.

By the year 2000, the thong bikini had further evolved into a lower hip style typically more related to a Colombian bikini design in the front with an open back. These thongs closely resemble the thong bikini we see today with lower hip cuts and scoop front styling.

Today we see the thong bikini taking on many faces from the Brazilian to the Colombian styles then further evolving into the classic design and now banded and ruffled thongs. We have intentionally not mentioned the g-string bikini in this article as it has its own history.

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Thong Bikini Styles

Classic Thong

Classic Thong Bikini

The classic thong bikini is a standard cut swimsuit with scoop front and medium cut thighs with a full thong backside. The classic thong bikini is probably the most popular style of thong design seen on beaches today. This thong has many variants including sheer options.

Colombian Thong

Colombian Thong BikiniThe Colombian thong bikini is still seen regularly on beaches but not as common place as the classic thong. It has slightly higher thighs than the classic thong and typically has full frontal coverage. As seen in the photo to the left, this thong has a strapless bandeau top. This style of top is growing in popularity as it does not leave shoulder tan lines.

Brazilian Thong

The Brazilian thong bikini is experiencing a comeback. The higher thigh design is very popular with the women that have a more voluptuous figure. It tends to accentuate curves and elongate thighs and torsos.

Tonga Thong Bikini

Tonga Thong BikiniThe Tonga thong bikini is slightly different than the previous three styles as it offers slightly more rear coverage than the classic thong cut. Many women choose a Tonga style as a starting point and later migrate to a more traditional thong. The Tonga or string thong as sometimes called resembles more of a string bikini because of its resemblance to its cousin yet the back is more exposing.

Ruffled Thong Bikini

Ruffled Thong BikiniThe ruffled thong bikini is like all other designs having a full thong back however this swimsuit is typically viewed as being a more romantic style and is very popular among couples looking for a swimsuit for a romantic vacation or honeymoon. It  has all of the features of the classic thong however its waistband is created with delicate ruffles.

Banded Thong Bikini

Banded Thong BikiniThe banded thong bikini has the classic cut back and thigh height but with one exception. These stunning swimsuits have a folding or adjustable waistband that gives women the option to adjust the thong suit overall height to suit their body type and desired appearance. With the focus on different body types and sizes wearing thongs today, this subtle yet functional addition to the classic thong is a welcomed option for many women.

One Piece Thong Swimsuit

One Piece Thong BikiniThis style is becoming very popular and has seen an incredible growth in popularity amongst beach goers.. Its design typically has higher thighs with a full thong back that blends into a lower scoop back. The upper portion of the swimsuit either has a scoop front or a plunging V design adding to the appeal of this very sexy onepiece.

Thong Sizing

Below is a standard sizing chart from Tropical Beach Swimwear and Fashion. Simply find your measurements and you can easily find your correct size.

Thong Bikini Sizing Chart
Tropical Beach Swimwear Thong Sizes XS/P S M L LL 1X 2X 3X
Waist 23/23 24/25 25/27 27/29 29/31 31/33 33/35 35/37
Hips 31/33 33/35 35/37 37/39 39/41 41/43 43/46 46/49


Shop For Thong Bikinis

When shopping for a thong bikini you should be aware that many cheaper swimsuits of this nature are manufactured from sub-standard fabrics and are not finished to a high quality. Always make sure your thong is manufactured from a blended nylon / lyrca fabric unless it is a specialty product and that the seams a double sewn, this will ensure the swimsuit will last and will stay in place.

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Caring for your Thong Bikini

Thong Bikini CareThong bikinis are no different than any other swimsuit style. Quality swimwear is typically manufactured from a blended Nylon/Lycra fabric. It is a very resilient fabric as fabrics go however there are some simple rules that you should follow to get years of enjoyment from your new suit.

As soon as you purchase a new thong bikini, wash it by hand in mild soap. Never use or Bleach or Woolite as both of these products will remove the protective coating on the swimsuit fabric and destroy the elasticity of the suit itself.

Removing the excess moisture from the suit can be done by gently squeezing the suit in your hands. Do not twist the suit as this will again destroy its elasticity. Roll the swimsuit up in a washed towel and squeeze to remove the last bit of moisture then immediately hang over the back of a chair to finish drying.


Never leave the suit wet:

  1. In a towel

  2. In a bag or bunched up on the floor

In both of these cases the fabric will quickly start to degenerate and potentially get contaminated with bacteria

Keep in mind hot-tubs, chlorinated water and salt water are all considered harsh elements for a swimsuit however these elements are also part of everyday life. Immediately after exposing your suit to any of these conditions, rinse the suit thoroughly in fresh water and follow the drying recommendations above.

Thong Bikinis - Dos and Doníts

  • Do rinse off after every exposure to chemicals, chlorine or slat water.

  • Donít let the sun dry your suit in an un-rinsed state if possible.

  • Donít leave your thong bikini in the sun when you are not wearing it.

  • Donít sit in wooden chairs or drag against the side of a concrete pool as both of these situations will prematurely wear the fabric.

  • Donít get tanning oils on your suit as they are exceptionally harsh on all swimwear fabrics.

  • Do wash your suit in fresh cool water only and squeeze the water our gently before laying out to dry.

Final Notes:

Final NotesFor the most part throughout the USA, Canada and Europe the thong bikini is now widely excepted however each and every one of these countries do have a limited number of beaches that are designated as family focused and thong bikinis are not only frowned upon but in some cases are illegal.

Most if not all Muslim countries do not accept exposing swimwear let alone a thong bikini so beware.

With this basic information, you should have no trouble travelling with your new thong bikini.



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