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Twisted Pretzel One Piece Swimsuit

If you want to add an exotic touch to your otherwise perfect beach swimwear wardrobe, Pretzel Crossover One Piece Swimsuit Available in White or Blackthen the twisted pretzel one piece monokini swimsuit is for you. This breathtaking limited edition swimsuit is just as much at home on a Hollywood movie set as it is on beaches worldwide. This foxy monokini makes a true fashion statement. You will be at home surfside from the white sands of Rio to the Florida Keys and everywhere in between.
This breathtaking swimsuit has so much to offer. The bottom styling will leave you slim and trim with its super scoop front combined with the slenderizing high cut thighs and precision cut backside. The twist top is where this swimsuit gets its name giving a fully adjustable pretzel appearance. The upper pretzel straps will give you the perfect amount of coverage. Wear the straps wide for an elegant sexy look or slim them out for a racy tempting look. No matter how you look at it, this is one swimsuit that will leave a lasting impression everywhere you go. You will be breaking hearts on every beach you grace in this sizzling swimwear fashion.
In addition the pretzel swimsuit can be worn in two different ways going it a complexly different look. Wear it in the traditional fashion with the straps crossing above the
Pretzel Swimsuit Strap Configuration Instructions bust line for a breathtaking front and side view or cross the straps under the bust line for an uplifting cleavage enhancing appearance.
Bring out the goddess in you, instantly get the WOW factor. Your going to be ďall thatĒ strolling surfside, wind in your hair, sun glistening off your skin, all hands will be on deck and gaze focused on you. Keep in mind this swimsuit may offer more coverage than other styles, it is itís exotic appearance that has given the pretzel swimsuit itís undisputed reputation as the hottest swimsuit on the beach.
The pretzel swimsuit offers monokini styling with a twist. Super slimming on your lower half while emphasizing your bustline. This sizzling swimsuit will embrace your body and follow your every curve with exotic features like cross front and back styling, fully adjustable straps with high cut precision legs and full rear coverage. Lined with our comfy fabric this designer.
Available in sizes: XS (0-2), S (2-4), M (6-8), L (8-10), LL (12-14)

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Pretzel Swimsuit One Piece One Piece Swimsuit Pretzel Pretzel Crossover One Piece Swimsuit monokini



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